Why Hire Me?

I have over 20 years of writing experience.  My educational training in counseling, my professional writing background, and the insight gained from my own children as they've gone through the college application process has contributed to my success. I will help your high school student compose an original and creative college essay. Students who enlist my support will see beneficial results.

Coaching includes an initial meeting, brainstorming to choose a topic, outlining, editing a first draft, and putting the final touches on the Common Application personal statement. Once the 650 word personal statement is complete, I work with students on all college-specific supplements. Students who are in the process of transferring colleges will contact me for review of their transfer essays. I offer support to students who've been deferred or waitlisted by drafting wait-list appeals. I've also worked with multiple students who have experienced extenuating personal circumstances and wish to complete the optional additional information supplement on the Common Application. 

It has been my experience that students are more inclined to begin writing when they are motivated by someone other than a parent. My goal is to help students find their own voices so that they are seen as real people, not merely applicant numbers.

Write The Uncommon Common Application

Impressive grade point averages, high SAT/ACT scores, and a myriad of extra-curricular activities have created fierce competition amongst students. The essay is the one tool that can elevate one student over another. The 2019-2020 Common Application essay prompts have been tweaked slightly, with two new prompts added. Essay Coaching at my home includes initial discussion, outlining/editing first draft of personal statement, crafting college-specific supplements/ extra-curricular summary, completing the final essay. I work with students from around the tai-state area, and I help students attend colleges all around the country. Parent and student references are available upon request.

When a student contacts me for help, typically his needs can be identified with just a short phone call:

  1. Has the personal statement been written with a word count of 1500?

  2. Does simple editing need to be done?

  3. Has the student chosen a topic, but is struggling with an introductory sentence or "hook"?

  4. Has the student counted on using his sister's college application essay from 1987?

  5. Has the student ignored her parent's plea to "stop procrastinating?"

Whatever the scenario, I can help. First, the student meets with me in person. We will talk through the Common Application prompts (or topic/prompt required for colleges that don't accept the Common Application), determine which one best suits the student, come up with an outline to structure the personal statement, and determine an effective "hook" together. Students then write a draft at home. Once the draft is written, he will send it to me via e-mail. I will edit, trim and/or add suggestions to improve content. If additional phone discussion is needed, we take that time. I am happy to help student write letters of continued interest and wait list appeals. I am available to support graduate students who are moving on to an additional degree or adults who have graduated years prior and are going back to school with their personal statements.

Payment is due upon completion of Common Application personal statement.  College-specific supplements are reviewed, edited, and billed separately. I look forward to working with your student.